Oklahoma SR22 Insurance & Filing Information

Oklahoma SR22 Filings

SR22 insurance is a liability insurance that many states require of DUI / DWI offenders. Oklahoma is not one of these states.

There is no SR22 insurance requirement in Oklahoma.

However, if you live in Oklahoma, and you get a DUI / DWI in another state, that state may require you to buy SR22 insurance. Similarly, if you get a DUI in Oklahoma, and you then move to another state, your new state may require you to buy SR22 insurance.

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How to Get Your Oklahoma Driver's License Back after a DUI:

Use this contact form to request your specific reinstatement requirements from the Oklahoma DPS. General requirements include alcohol evaluation, education, and treatment, and a $25 reinstatement fee.

If this is your first offense DUI and you had a BAC greater than 0.15, or if you refused to submit to a chemical test, or if this is a second or subsequent offense DUI, then you will be required to install an ignition interlock device in your vehicle(s). Click here for a list of approved ignition interlock vendors

For More Information:

Still have questions? Contact the Oklahoma DPS directly using their online contact forms

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