Clear Your DUI Record

Even after a DUI conviction you can still take steps to clear your record.  A DUI record is considered a criminal offense and as such is a part of your criminal history; in most cases (depending on the specifics of your case) A DUI is considered a misdemeanor offense (felony DUI offenses involve property damage, injury/death, multiple offenses, etc...) but you'll need to check with your attorney to verify.  A misdemeanor offense is eligible for expungement in most states in the U.S.

The benefits of clearing the DUI record can mean many things, including expanded employment opportunities by being able to reply 'no' on job applications when it asks if you've ever been convicted of a criminal offense.  By clearing the record you'll be eligible for jobs that would otherwise exclude you based solely on the DUI record as well as professional licenses and other civic liberties.

Your DUI Record Clearing Options

DUI Expungement

After a DUI conviction one of the best remedies to seek is what's known as an expungement.  An expungement is a legal practice that can clear your DUI record.  Basically what an expungement does is have the initial charges dismissed and the case dropped under specific terms described in the expungement order.  Basically, the charges will be dropped and the records removed so long as you do not re-offend.  If you re-offend the initial charges will be reinstated along with the new charges which will be multiple offense charges.

Next Steps

Get help expunging your record as well as learn several other things you can do to clear your DUI record with the DUI Process Manual.  The DUI Process Manual also discusses what you can do to restore your drivers license and reduce overall costs and expenses associated with a DUI offense.

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