DUI Expungement

expunge a dui conviction from criminal record

DUI Expungement sometimes referred to as DUI expunction, is the process of removing, sealing or clearing a DUI related offense from your record(s) after conviction. It is the only form of post conviction relief offered for DUI convictions. This may mean (depending on the expungement order) record clearing in the criminal court records as well as removal from police arrest records and any other agencies that have copies of the record. Expungement for DUI is not available in every state but for those states that it is allowed in is a good way to officially rid yourself of a past mistake. 

Generally speaking not everyone is eligible for expungement even if your state allows it. In most cases expungement is reserved for first offenders with legitimate reasons/concerns to expunge their records who also file the necessary paperwork (properly) and pay the associated fees. It is not a right but a privilege granted by the government.

Why Expunge a Past DUI Conviction?

By expunging a DUI conviction you are in essence having the courts dismiss the previous charges that were filed against you... they set the drunk driving charges aside as if you were never convicted. Of course should you re-offend these charges would be re-instated.

What this does is allow you to pretend as if the DUI conviction never happened. That means on job applications and other questionnaires that ask you if you've ever been convicted of a criminal offense you can honestly answer "no" (that is if you haven't had any other charges).

Who is Eligible For DUI Expungement?

Here are some general eligibility guidelines for DUI expungement. Please note that this list is by no means to be considered exhaustive. You should consult with a qualified DUI expungement lawyer to see if you are eligible for expungement.

Those who have never served time in state prison. 

  • No currently pending criminal cases. 
  • First offenders. 
  • Felony convictions.

Next Steps

After reading the above information you think you may be eligible to expunge your DUI then you'll want to schedule a free initial consultation with a DUI expungement lawyer to see what your options are.