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Online California 32 Hour (3-Month) DUI Class For Non-Residents Only!

32 hour online DUI Class AB-541 for non-resident DUI offenders in California

Our 32 hour AB-541 class is intended for anyone who is NOT a resident of California, but who was arrested on a DUI charge in California with a BAC of less than .15% and no aggravating circumstances were involved.

If the court has required you to attend a 3 month program as part of your sentence, this 32 hour online class meets the requirements for the 3 month program set forth by the court. The cost of this class is just $479.

This class is for Non-Residents only to meet California court requirements!

In order to have your driver's license reinstated in your home state you must complete this class before your state's DMV office will reinstate your license or issue you a temporary or restricted license during your suspension period.

If you live in the state of California or are licensed in California you must take the required class at a location in California. An online class is NOT ALLOWED for California residents! No refunds will be given to residents of California who signup for this class!