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California DUI Classes Online - Non-Residents Only!

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Program Overview

The purpose of the alcohol and drug program is to reduce the number of repeat offenders by making it mandatory that all offenders attend and successfully complete a first or repeat offender program prior to having their license reinstated once the imposed suspension period is up. The program is also design to find offenders who may have a problem with alcohol or drugs that exists and help them to address this problem.

First Offender Program

Even if the court does not require you to complete a first offender program in the county where you live, attending a completing the course is still required by the DMV in order to have your license reinstated. If you are eligible for a restricted driver's license, the DMV makes it mandatory that you be enrolled in the first offender program before they issue you a restricted license.

The majority of first time offenders will be required to attend a state approved 3-month program that consists of the following:

  • Enrollment and intake session.
  • 12-hours of education class.
  • 18-hours of group counseling.
  • 30 individual counseling sessions.

The current cost of the 3-month program is $843.00 dollars. The 3-month program requires a $350 down payment upon enrollment. The programs offer both day and evening classes for your convenience.

If your BAC was .20 or above you will be required to take the 18-month program at a cost of $2,581.00 dollars. The program will require a $400 down payment upon enrollment.

Repeat Offender Program

All repeat offenders will be required to complete the 18-month program at a cost of $2,581.00 dollars with a $400.00 down payment upon enrollment. The program offers both day and evening classes for your convenience.

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