What is SR22 Insurance?

When you’ve received a DUI conviction, you'll need to find DUI auto insurance to fulfill the mandated DMV requirements to restore your driving privileges. The DUI auto insurance is specifically referred to as an SR22 insurance policy.

SR-22 Form 

SR-22 is a special type of DUI insurance, though it can also be used to cover other types of high-risk drivers as well. When you have an SR22 insurance policy, you are putting your insurance carrier in direct communication with the DMV regarding your records. That means if your SR-22 is dropped for any reason (late payments, no payments, accident, etc...), that information will be reported to the department of motor vehicles.

Where Can I Get an SR22 ?

You can get an SR-22 policy at many insurance companies- some specialize in 'high risk' policies and others are mainstream companies. You’ll have to check with the individual companies to see if they write SR-22 policies specifically for DUI insurance.

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Do I Need to Follow Any Specific Procedures for SR22 Insurance?

You’ll have to file the state specific SR-22 form that serves as proof that you actually have an SR-22 insurance policy with a certain company. Each state has different specifications for filing the SR-22 and you'll need to check your specific state's policies. You can read more about your state's specific SR-22 policies here.

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What is the cost of an SR22?

As you can imagine, SR-22 insurance will come at a higher cost than regular insurance. Be prepared to pay more for an SR-22 because it’s high-risk DUI insurance. Just as you pay more for insurance if you’ve had tickets or accidents, DUI insurance is going to cost more than if you had a perfect driving record.

What Happens if I Let My SR22 Lapse?

Unlike other forms of insurance where you only need to have an insurance card in your vehicle, SR-22 insurance is reported to the state DMV. If your SR-22 coverage has dropped, your local Department of Public Safety or Department of Motor Vehicles will be notified. This will usually cause your drivers license to be suspended until you can prove that your SR-22 has been reinstated.

How long will I need to have an SR-22?

Most people need to have SR-22 coverage for 3 years after their drivers license has been reinstated after a DUI conviction. After that time you should be able to switch from SR-22 DUI insurance to a regular type of policy.