Alabama DUI Offender Programs

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This page contains a detailed summary of each of the different court referral programs in Alabama. The court referral program has been a part of the criminal penalties one faces when convicted of a drunk driving charge in the state of Alabama since the mid 1980s. If you already know what to expect with the referral program, just select a county close to your location from the list above to find out where to go to meet your required court referral.

Level 1 Referral Program

The majority of first time DUI offenders in Alabama will be required to attend a level 1 education program. The level 1 program is designed for those who have been deemed as non-problem users, hence first time offenders. The cost for the level 1 program is currently $115 and is 12 hours in length and is broken out into four 3-hour sessions. The 4 sessions included:

  • Introduction to the program.
  • State DUI laws and consequences.
  • Alcohol/drugs and their effects.
  • Moving forward.

Level 2 Referral Program

The level 2 program is geared towards those who have been arrested on a second or subsequent DUI offense and have been deemed to have a problem with alcohol or drugs by the court. The cost of the level 2 program is $250 and is 24 hours in length, broken out into 8 sessions. The first 4 sessions cover the level 1 program and go more into depth from there:

  • Introduction to the program.
  • State DUI laws and consequences.
  • Alcohol/drugs and their effects.
  • Patterns of use and abuse.
  • Family and available support programs.
  • Strategies for a positive change (part 1).
  • Strategies for a positive change (part 2).
  • Moving forward.

Juvenile Program

The youth or juvenile court referral program is for those offenders 21 years of age and younger who have been arrested for under age drinking and driving and have been deemed as a high-risk youth. The cost of the program is $115 and is broken out into 6 two hour sessions covering:

  • Introduction.
  • Alcohol/drugs and their effects.
  • Exploring the consequences.
  • Anger and me.
  • Resolving the conflict.
  • Developing a personal plan for change.

Level 3 Treatment Program

When a person is referred to a level 3 treatment program, the state has deemed that person as having a serious addiction problem with alcohol and/or drugs. the majority of level 3 participants are sent to a mental health center for a full assessment and treatment. Once the assessment has been completed the offender will either be referred to an inpatient treatment program or an intensive outpatient program. The fees for a level 3 treatment program will vary.

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