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Online Florida DUI Class

If you are a resident of Florida or have a driver's license in the state of Florida you are not eligible to take an online DUI class to satisfy court requirements for a DUI offense.

If you are NOT a resident of Florida and do not hold a valid driver's license in the state and received a DUI in Florida, you will need to get court approval before registering for an online DUI class. If the court has approved you to take an online DUI class you may choose the class you are required to take below.

Level 1 DUI Class - First Offense

Most first time offenders in Florida will be required to take a Level 1 DUI class that consists of 12 hours of education. The online course cost is $189 and you may register here:

Level 2 DUI Class

If this is your first offense, but there were aggravating circumstances involved, the court may have ordered you to take a Level 2 DUI class that consists of 20 hours of education. This online course cost $329 and you may register here:

Higher Levels - Additional Hours of Education

Depending on whether this is a second offense with Aggravating Circumstances or this is a subsequent DUI charge, the court may order a higher Level of DUI class consisting of more hours of education. Below is a list of the higher Levels of online education we offer. Just select the class and hours the court has required to register for the class:

24 Hour DUI Class Online
32 Hour DUI Class Online
36 Hour DUI Class Online
45 Hour DUI Class Online
60 Hour DUI Class Online

How the Online DUI Class Works

  • Step 1: Register for the class and complete the checkout process.
  • Step 2: After checkout you will receive an email that contains your purchase receipt and a link to your class. Make sure you save this receipt until you have completed your class.
  • Step 3: Complete each chapter in sequential order.
  • Step 4: Take each of the quizzes. A passing grade of 70% is required before you may move on to the next chapter. You will also be able to print or download a Certificate of Completion after each quiz.
  • Step 5: After completing the final chapter of the class you will need to complete the final exam with a passing grade of 70% or greater. Once you complete the class the official "Certificate of Completion" will be mailed to you.