Reduce Your Chances of a DUI Arrest

Learn How to Reduce your Chances of being arrested for a DUI

Reduce Your Chances of a DUI Arrest

The vast majority of people who drink and drive would be considered “social drinkers”, meaning they might:

  • Go to the bar after work with their fellow co-workers and have one or two glasses of wine or beers.
  • Go out to dinner with their friends or family and have a couple of drinks with dinner.
  • Go to a party and have a drink or two over the course of the evening.

Situations like these would be classified as social drinking since the individuals that take part in this behavior, do not drink on a regular basis.

Whether you consider yourself a “social drinker” or drink alcohol on a regular basis there are some simple steps you can take right now to minimize your chances of being involved in a DUI stop.

  1. Put some cologne or perfume in the glove box of your car. The cologne or perfume needs to be on the more expensive end since the cheaper brands you can get at Walmart tend to wear off quickly and are not as potent. The whole purpose of using the cologne or perfume is to mask the scent of the alcohol on your person and in your vehicle.

Apply the cologne, preferably using a spray bottle, to yourself from head to toe after you have been drinking, but before you drive a vehicle. Also spray it around the interior of the vehicle to mask the scent in the vehicle.

  1. Keep some breath aids in your car at all times. You don’t want to skimp on price here either. Buy some gum or mints that are fairly strong and will actually work like nu-breath or something similar.

The breath mints will not only mask the scent of the alcohol on your breath, but will also slightly slur your speech due to the sucking and chewing action. A person who has been consuming alcohol will typically have slurred speech patterns.

So here again, the officer will have a problem picking up on a slurred speech pattern due to alcohol consumption because you are sucking or chewing on a breath mint.

  1. Spray the interior of your car with an air freshener before driving. Here again, use a more expensive air freshener then you would normally use. This needs to be a spray air freshener and not one of those scented pine trees you hang from your rearview mirror.

By using all three of the above suggestions in combination you can greatly reduce your chances of being arrested for DUI. Just the slightest hint of alcohol on you or in your vehicle during a routine traffic stop, can turn into a DUI arrest. So as Ben Franklin said “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”.

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