Kansas Non Owner SR22 Insurance Information

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The State of Kansas may require a driver to buy SR22 insurance for any of the following reasons: DUI; failure to comply with mandatory insurance requirement; vehicular homicide; refusal to submit to a BAC test; failure to provide proof of auto insurance; driving while suspended; diversion agreement; felony involving a vehicle; or failure to stop at the scene of an accident.

If you have an SR22 requirement, and you do not own a vehicle, you will need to buy Kansas non-owner SR22 insurance. A non-owner SR22 policy is a liability policy that covers other vehicles and their drivers in the event that its holder is involved in an accident. It does not cover the policy holder or the vehicle he or she is driving.

If you have an ignition interlock device restriction and you want to purchase a non-owner SR22 policy, be prepared for complications. You will likely need to own a vehicle in order to fulfill your ignition interlock obligation. This means that you will need an owner's SR22 insurance policy. 

Where to Buy Non-Owner SR22 Insurance in Kansas

You can buy your non-owner SR22 insurance policy from any insurance company that offers it and is licensed to do business in Kansas. However, the price of non-owner SR22 policies can vary widely, so it's important to shop around for the best rate.

Kansas requires SR22 insurance for one year. If you fail to maintain your SR22 policy for this long, your insurance company will notify the Driver Control Bureau, and your one year will start over again.

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Still Have Questions?

Contact the Kansas Driver Control Bureau at 785-296-3671 (TTY 785-296-3613) Monday through Friday, between 9 and 3. You can also email Driver Control at dc@kdor.ks.gov.

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