New Mexico Non Owner SR22 Insurance Information

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SR22 insurance is a liability insurance that many states require of certain drivers. SR22 insurance is most often associated with DWI / DUI offenses. When one buys an SR22 insurance policy, his or her insurance company files an SR22 form with the state's MVD. As long as this form stays on file, the state knows that the driver is insured. If the driver's policy is canceled, the SR22 policy requires the insurance company to notify the state, and the driver gets into legal trouble.

"Non-owner SR22 insurance" simply refers to an SR22 policy for people who do not own a vehicle.

New Mexico does not require SR22 filings, so New Mexico drivers should never have to worry about SR22 insurance, unless they become involved with the laws of another state. For example, if a New Mexico resident gets a DWI in a state that does require SR22 filings, then he or she will likely have to carry SR22 insurance to meet the requirements in that state. Also, if one gets a DWI in New Mexico, and then moves to a state that does require SR22 insurance, he or she will likely have to file an SR22 in the new state.

State laws differ significantly, so if you have a question about SR22 requirements in another state, be sure to contact the MVD in that state. If you have questions about DWI laws or insurance requirements in New Mexico, you can contact the New Mexico Motor Vehicle Division at 1-888-683-4636. You can also use their online contact form.

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