Maine DUI Laws & Penalties

Maine Drunk Driving Laws Explained in Easy to Understand Simple Terms

Maine OUI charge, which means Operating Under the Influence, will have you facing jail time, fines, and a drivers license revocation. As in other states Maine views driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs as a very serious crime, and creates some strong consequences for those convicted.

Even for Maine OUI first offenders, if your blood alcohol levels are .08% or higher, you are considered guilty by the Maine per se law. After you are arrested, you only have ten days to file an appeal or you will lose your ability to drive. You should contact a Maine OUI lawyer to help you with this appeal to increase your chances of success at the DMV.

Here’s what you can expect as far as punishments go should you get convicted of a Maine OUI.

Maine First Offense DUI Penalties

First Maine OUI offenses mean offenses that are the first to happen in a ten year time period (10 years is the look back period in Maine). If you are a first offender, you can face the following consequences:

  • 90 day suspension of license
  • $500-$2000 fine
  • Up to 364 days jail time (no minimum required)

First offenders are also subject to aggravating circumstances. Aggravating circumstances cause enhanced punishments above and beyond the ‘standard’ 1st offense. Maine OUI aggravating circumstances include:

  • BAC levels over .15
  • A minor in the car
  • Speeding more than 30 mph over the speed limit
  • Attempting to elude an officer
  • Trying to run from the police
  • Failing to take the BAC test
  • Being a minor

Repeat Maine DUI Offenders

Maine DUI laws are very tough on repeat offenders. Here is a summary of the consequences faced: 

Maine Second Offense DUI Penalties

  • Jail time of at least 7 days
  • Up to $700 in fines
  • Drivers license suspension for 18 months

Maine Third Offense DUI Penalties

  • Up to 5 years in jail (30 days minimum)
  • Fines between $1,100 and $5,000
  • Drivers license suspension for 6 years

Maine Fourth or Subsequent Offense DUI Penalties

  • Up to 5 years in jail (6 months minimum)
  • Fines between $2,000 and $6,000
  • Additional 275 day license suspension if the offense happened while a person under the age of 21 was in the vehicle.

Maine BAC Presumptions

  • BAC levels of .001 to .05 are not considered to be under the influence
  • BAC levels of .051 to .079 are not considered to be under the influence, but is admissible as evidence in court
  • BAC levels of .08 or greater are considered to be under the influence

Maine Implied Consent Law

  • Chemical testing is allowed. Blood, breath or urine.
  • The officer must advise the defendant of the penalties for refusing the test and that a test refusal is admissible in court.
  • Tests resulting in a BAC of .08 or greater result in a 90 day license suspension up to a 6 year license revocation.

Maine DUI Chemical Testing

  • Chemical test results are admissible as evidence if they are performed by a certified person in accordance with the approved methods and procedures.
  • Blood draws for police testing must be performed by a licensed physician, registered nurse or other qualified person.
  • Test results must be made available to the defendant and his or her Maine OUI attorney upon request.

Maine SR22 Insurance Considerations

No matter if you are a first time offender or a repeat offender, your Maine DUI will carry serious consequences for your Maine insurance premiums. You will either find that you are dropped by your insurance provider, or you will find that your premium cost skyrockets. This can even affect your family members that are on your insurance policy.

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