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In Montana, the process for securing a bail bond after a DUI arrest begins with the booking and arraignment. If you’re arrested for DUI, the amount of bail set can vary depending on several factors, such as your criminal history and the details of the offense. After the bail amount is determined, you can pay the full amount or opt for a bail bond through a licensed agency. Bail bonds typically require you to pay a fee, usually around 10% of the total bail amount, which is non-refundable. This fee acts as a guarantee that you’ll appear in court.

In Montana, the DUI bail bond process involves several steps, beginning with the defendant’s arrest and booking at a detention center. Here, they are photographed and fingerprinted. To secure release, the defendant can either post the full bail amount in cash, which is refundable at the end of the case, or use a bail bondsman who fronts the bail for a fee. Once bail is posted, defendants are released but must comply with certain bail conditions set by the court, which might include restrictions on alcohol consumption and travel​ (Judnich Law Office)​.

After posting bail, the defendant will attend an initial court appearance where they are informed of the charges and their rights. The court may also review and set bail during this hearing. If the defendant pleads not guilty, the case may proceed through various stages, including preliminary hearings, pre-trial hearings, and potentially a trial. Throughout this process, bail conditions must be adhered to avoid revocation​ (Montana Crime Victim Help)​.

Montana Bail Bond Agencies by City

  1. Bail City Bail Bonds
    • Address: 1033 South 29th St West, Suite C, Billings, MT 59102
    • Phone: (855) 707-2245
    • They offer a quick online process for bail bonds and provide service 24/7, including all major holidays​ (Three Best Rated)​.
  2. Lisa’s Family Bail Bonding LLC
    • Address: 3333 2nd Avenue North, Suite 100, Billings, MT 59101
    • Phone: (406) 200-9999
    • Known for personalized service and providing comprehensive information on the bail process to ensure informed decisions​ (Central Montana Bail Bonds)​.
  3. Central Montana Bail Bonds
    • Address: Billings, MT 59101
    • Phone: (406) 860-2663
    • Offers fast service across Yellowstone County with availability 24/7/365, emphasizing quick and affordable bail solutions​ (Central Montana Bail Bonds)​.

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  1. AAA Bail Bonds
    • Address: Missoula, MT 59802
    • Phone: (406) 549-2245 or Toll Free (888) 222-2570
    • They offer 24/7 service and have extensive experience serving Missoula and all of Montana .
  2. The Bondsman
    • Address: Missoula, MT (Specific address not listed; contact for details)
    • Phone: (406) 728-0844 or Toll Free (800) 335-0844
    • Offers a variety of bail bond services and operates 24 hours a day .
  3. Missoula Bond Squad
    • Address: 1917 E Broadway St, Missoula, MT 59802
    • Phone: (406) 721-6745
    • Known for their fast service and availability 24/7, they provide professional bail bonds services and guidance throughout the bail process .

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Great Falls
  1. Arrow Bail Bonding
    • Address: 1601 2nd Ave N, Great Falls, MT 59401
    • Phone: 406-453-3340
  2. Bail City Bail Bonds
    • Address: 1601 2nd Ave N Ste 450D, Great Falls, MT 59401
    • Phone: 406-693-1001
  3. E-Z Bail Bonds
    • Address: 216 Riverview 3 E, Great Falls, MT 59404
    • Phone: 406-453-7974
  4. Central Montana Bail Bonds
    • Address: 415 2nd Ave N, Great Falls, MT 59401
    • Phone: 406-453-2245
  5. Outlawz Bail Bonds
    • Address: 2228 Central Ave W, Great Falls, MT 59404
    • Phone: 406-454-0700

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  1. Bail City Bail Bonds
    • Address: 288 W City W Haley Springs Rd Ste 2b, Bozeman, MT, 59718
    • Phone: 406-668-6004
  2. Aaaction Bail Bonds
    • Address: 825 W Main St, Bozeman, MT, 59715
    • Phone: 406-595-5555
  3. Central Montana Bail Bonds
    • Address: 615 S 16th Ave, Bozeman, MT, 59715
    • Phone: 406-582-2040
  4. AA Bail Bonds LLC
    • Address: 2201 Baxter Ln, Bozeman, MT, 59718
    • Phone: 406-491-4506

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  1. Big Sky Bail Bonds
    • Address: 920 S Main St, Kalispell, MT 59901
    • Phone: (406) 890-2400
    • Known for providing fast service, this agency is available 24/7 and is located near the Flathead County Detention Center.
  2. Central Montana Bail Bonds
    • Address: 920 S Main St, Kalispell, MT 59901
    • Phone: (406) 883-5900
    • They offer bail bonds services across Montana and are known for their experience and responsiveness.
  3. Moonlighting Bail Bonds
    • Address: PO Box 312, Kalispell, MT 59903
    • Phone: (406) 755-7539
    • Offers professional and discreet service, available 24 hours.

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