South Dakota SR22 Insurance

Find out what requirements you must meet if you need an SR22 for South Dakota & Find the Lowest Price Policies
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If you have been convicted of DUI, you will be required to prove to the State that your vehicle(s) are insured. This means that you will need to purchase SR22 insurance. (If you do not own a vehicle, you will need to purchase a non-owner SR22 policy.)

When you buy SR22 insurance, your insurance company releases an SR22 form, which must be filed with the DPS, and which proves that you have liability insurance.

The DPS will keep this form on file (an SR22 requirement lasts for 3 years) and if anything goes wrong with your policy, e.g., it is canceled, the policy requires your insurance company to notify the DPS. This will result in your driver’s license being suspended again and you having to go through the reinstatement process again. If you change vehicles or insurance providers during that 3 year period, you must have a new SR22 form filed before the old one is canceled.

Note that your SR22 insurance must be provided by a company that is licensed to do business in South Dakota.

How to Get South Dakota SR22 Insurance

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How to Get Your South Dakota Driver’s License Back

To get your driver’s license reinstated after a DWI suspension, you need to do the following:

  • Buy SR22 insurance and file an SR22 form.
  • Apply for a new license and pay application fees.
  • Take a DUI education class.
  • Pass all required tests, e.g., vision, written, and skills tests.
  • Pay a $50 reinstatement fee.

For More Information:

Still have questions? Call the South Dakota DPS at 605-773-6883 or 800-952-3696. You can also email the DPS at

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