South Carolina Non Owner SR22 Insurance Information

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If you are caught drunk driving (DUI / DUAC) or operating without mandatory liability insurance in the State of South Carolina, you will be required to file an SR22 form with the DMV.

An SR22 form proves financial responsibility. If the DMV has your SR22 form on file, then they know that you have liability insurance.

In order to get an SR22 form, you must purchase "SR22 insurance." If you do not own or have regular access to a vehicle, you can purchase what is known as "non-owner SR22 insurance." In this case, you would file a "non-owner" SR22 form.

South Carolina requires SR22 insurance for 3 years. This can be a long time if you’re paying for a policy you can't afford. To find the best non-owner SR22 rates possible, just fill out our online quote form by clicking the button below:

SC Non-Owner SR22 Insurance and Ignition Interlock Law:

The State of South Carolina requires a repeat DUI offender to install an ignition interlock device in his or her vehicle.
In order to install an ignition interlock, you would need to have "regular access" to a vehicle, which means that you won't qualify for a non-owner SR22 insurance policy. If you are in this situation, be sure to discuss your options with your insurance company.

If your ignition interlock requirement is shorter than your SR22 requirement (as may be the case of a second offense DUI), then you may qualify for non-owner SR22 insurance once you’ve completed your ignition interlock period, if you no longer own or have regular access to a vehicle.

For More Information:

For more information about South Carolina non-owner SR22 insurance, you can email the DMV or call 803-896-5000 during normal business hours.

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