Wisconsin SR22 Insurance

Find out what requirements you must meet if you need an SR22 for Wisconsin & Find the Lowest Price Policies
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If your driver’s license has been revoked for an alcohol-related driving offense, such as a second or subsequent OWI, you will need to file an SR22 form with the DOT in order to get it back.

This means that you will need to buy Wisconsin SR22 insurance. When you buy SR22 insurance, your insurance company provides the SR22 form, which serves as proof of liability insurance. It proves to the State that you will be financially responsible in the event of a future incident. As long as the DOT has your SR22 form on file, they know you are covered.

They will also find out if you become uncovered. The SR22 policy requires your insurance company to notify the DOT immediately if your SR22 policy is canceled.

You do not need to file an SR22 for a first offense OWI.

If your driver’s license has been suspended for an alcohol-related driving offense, you do not need to file an SR22 form. You only need to file one if your license has been revoked for an alcohol-related driving offense other than a first offense OWI.

SR22 insurance must be filed for 3 years from your reinstatement eligibility date. If possible, ask your insurance company to file the SR22 electronically for you. This will allow it to be processed much faster.

How to Get Your Wisconsin Driver’s License Reinstated after a DUI

You can check your eligibility and/or reinstate your driver’s license online here.

Reinstatement requirements include:

  • Pay a reinstatement fee of $200.
  • Complete alcohol assessment, and if ordered, a driver safety plan / treatment.
  • File SR22, if required.
  • File proof of IID installation, if required.

Wisconsin Ignition Interlock Law

If this is your first offense and you had a BAC of 0.15 or higher, or if this was your second or subsequent offense, or if you refused to submit to a chemical test, then you will be required to install an ignition interlock device (IID) in your vehicle(s). You will need to install an IID in every vehicle that you own, register, or drive and maintain those devices for at least 1 year.

You cannot “wait out” the IID requirement. If you have an IID requirement, you will have to comply if you want to drive.

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