Wyoming DUI Laws & Penalties

Wyoming Drunk Driving Laws Explained in Easy to Understand Simple Terms

Wyoming DUI law is best described by defined by § 31-5-233, W.S. which states that it is illegal for a person to drive or have actual physical control of any vehicle within the state of Wyoming if the person has an alcohol concentration of 0.08% or more or to a degree which renders him incapable of safely driving.

Wyoming DUI cases have a look back period of 5 years. This means that if you are convicted of a WY DUI and then within a five year period are convicted again, the latter will be treated as a second offense with harsher penalties, fines, jail time, drivers license suspensions, etc…

You are facing a court case and a Wyoming Department of Transportation case when you are charged with Wyoming DUI. Each case carries its own penalties. The Department of Transportation will focus on loss of driving privileges while the courts will focus on jail time and fines. You need a lawyer when you head to court, because Wyoming DUI laws are tough. They do not allow plea bargaining at all, so your lawyer will need to prove that there is reasonable doubt as to your guilt. 

What it Takes To Get Convicted of Wyoming DUI

You can be arrested in Wyoming for DUI based on two methods. The most commonly understood method is for violating BAC (blood alcohol concentration) laws. If your blood alcohol concentration is .08% or higher, you will be considered in violation of Wyoming DUI per se laws. However, even if your levels are lower than .08% you can still be arrested. The officer will look at your driving pattern, physical appearance, and performance on the field sobriety test(s) that the officer administers on the side of the road when stopped. These signs can indicate enough influence of alcohol for an arrest even if the BAC level is less than .08%. 

Wyoming First Offense DUI Penalties

Wyoming Second Offense DUI Penalties

Wyoming Third Offense DUI

Insurance Considerations for a Wyoming DUI

SR-22 insurance is required in the state of Wyoming after a DUI conviction.  This type of insurance is classified as ‘high risk’ meaning you are a higher risk to the insurance companies so consequently they will charge more for taking on more risk.  This can get very expensive if you sign up for one of these policies with the wrong company.

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