Wyoming SR22 Insurance

Find out what requirements you must meet if you need an SR22 for Wyoming & Find the Lowest Price Policies
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If your driver’s license has been suspended for drunk driving, you will need to file an SR22 form in order to get it reinstated. An SR22 form is a certificate of proof of liability insurance. (Click to see a sample SR22.)

When you buy “SR22 insurance,” your insurance company will file the SR22 form with the DOT for you, and the DOT will keep this form on file as a way of keeping an eye on you. If, at any time during your SR22 requirement, your SR22 policy is canceled, the policy itself requires the insurance company to alert the DOT that you are no longer insured.

How to Get Your Wyoming Driver’s License Reinstated after a DUI

  • File an SR22 form.
  • Pay reinstatement fee.
  • Undergo an alcohol evaluation (after third or subsequent offense).
  • Complete an DUI treatment program (after third or subsequent offense).
  • Install an ignition interlock device (in some cases).
  • Pass a re-examination of your ability to safely operate a vehicle (in some cases).

Wyoming Ignition Interlock Law

If this is your first offense and you had a BAC of 0.15 or higher, or if this was your second or subsequent offense, or if you refused to

If this is your first offense DUI and you had a blood-alcohol content of 0.15 or greater, or if this is your second or subsequent DUI, or if you refused to submit to a chemical test, you will be required to install an ignition interlock device (IID) in your vehicle(s).

An interlock requirement can last anywhere from 6 months to your lifetime.

Here are the companies in Wyoming that provide ignition interlock service:

  • 1A Smart Start Inc. 800-880-3394,
  • B.E.S.T. Labs Inc. 877-237-1541
  • CST Inc. (Intoxalock) 877-777-5020, 
  • Draeger 307-220-8255, www.DSDI4life.com

If you have questions regarding ignition interlock requirements please call 307-777-4871. 

For More Information:

Still have questions? You can also call them at 307-777-4800.

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