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DUI Laws - State DUI Laws Explained In Simple Terms

If you have been arrested on a drunk driving charge, it is very important that you learn your state DUI laws so that you are more informed about the consequences that you face and the possible outcomes in your case.

DUI laws vary from state to state and the penalties that someone faces also vary greatly depending on the charges and whether or not it was a first time DUI offense, subsequent DUI offense, habitual offense, misdemeanor or felony DUI. Every state including the District of Columbia have enacted the 'per se' law making it against the law to operate or drive a motor vehicle with a BAC level of 0.08% or greater.

The following is a state by state overview of the penalties and sanctions a person faces for being convicted of a first offense drunk driving charge. For more detailed information on a states drunk driving laws, including subsequent offenses, just click on the state link below:

State Minimum Fine Min. Jail Time License Suspension Ignition Interlock DUI Classes
Alabama $600 None 90 days BAC ≥.15 Mandatory
Alaska $1500 3 days 90 days Mandatory Mandatory
Arizona $250+ 24 hours 90 days Mandatory Mandatory
Arkansas $150+ 24 hours 6 months Mandatory Mandatory
California $1400+ 4 days 30 days Varies Mandatory
Colorado $600+ 5 days 9 months BAC ≥.174 Mandatory
Connecticut $500+ 2 days 1 year Mandatory Mandatory
Delaware $500+ None 12 - 24 months Mandatory Mandatory
Florida $500+ None 180 days BAC ≥.15 Mandatory
Georgia $300+ 24 hours up to 1 year 2nd offense Mandatory
Hawaii $150+ None 30 - 90 days Mandatory Mandatory
Idaho $1000 None 90 - 180 days Varies Mandatory
Illinois $500+ None 1 year Mandatory Mandatory
Indiana $500+ 24 hours 6 months Varies Discretion
Iowa $625+ 48 hours 180 days Varies Discretion
Kansas $500+ 48 hours 30 days Mandatory Mandatory
Kentucky $200+ 48 hours 30 days Varies Mandatory
Louisiana $1000 48 hours 90 days Mandatory Mandatory
Maine $400 None 90 days Varies Discretion
Maryland $500 None 6 months BAC ≥.15 Mandatory
Massachusetts $500+ None 1 year 2nd offense Mandatory
Michigan $2100+ None 6 months BAC ≥.17 Mandatory
Minnesota $1000 None 30 days+ 2nd offense Mandatory
Mississippi $250+ None 90 days Discretion Mandatory
Missouri $500 None 90 days Discretion Mandatory
Montana $300+ 48 hours 6 months 2nd offense Mandatory
Nebraska $500 7 days 90 days Mandatory Mandatory
Nevada $400+ 48 hours 90 days Discretion Mandatory
New Hamp $500+ None 90 days+ High BAC Mandatory
New Jersey $3730 None 90 days+ BAC ≥.15 Mandatory
New Mexico $0+ None up to 1 year Mandatory Mandatory
New York $500+ None 6 months Mandatory Mandatory
North Carolina $200+ 24 hours 60 days+ BAC ≥.15 Mandatory
North Dakota $250+ None 91 days+ Discretion Mandatory
Ohio $250+ 3 days+ 6 months+ Discretion Mandatory
Oklahoma $0+ 5 days+ 30 days BAC ≥.15 Mandatory
Oregon $1000 48 hours+ 90 days+ Discretion Mandatory
Pennsylvania $300+ None Tier based 2nd offense Mandatory
Rhode Island $600+ None 30 days+ 3rd offense Discretion
South Carolina $400 48 hours+ 6 months 2nd offense Mandatory
South Dakota $1000 None 30 days+ Discretion Discretion
Tennessee $350+ 48 hours+ 1 year BAC ≥.15 Mandatory
Texas $0+ 3 days+ 90 days+ 2nd offense Mandatory
Utah $700+ 48 hours+ 120 days Mandatory Mandatory
Vermont $750 None 90 days Discretion Mandatory
Virginia $250+ 48 hours+ 1 year Mandatory Mandatory
Washington $865+ 24 hours+ 90 days+ Mandatory Discretion
DC $300+ None 6 months Discretion Discretion
West Virginia $100+ 48 hours+ 15 days+ BAC ≥.15 Mandatory
Wisconsin $150+ None 6 months BAC ≥.15 Mandatory
Wyoming $250+ None 90 days BAC ≥.15 Mandatory

DUI Vehicle Sanctions

A growing number of states will impose vehicle sanctions against a person accused of drunk driving. These sanctions can include an immediate impoundment of the vehicle upon being arrested for DUI. If your vehicle is impounded you will need to pay the towing charge and the daily impound fee with the towing company before your vehicle is released from the impound yard.

A large number of states allow for vehicle confiscation of repeat or habitual offenders. This means that if you are a repeat offender in one of these states, you can lose your vehicle. The following states allow vehicle confiscation: Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Georgia, Illinois, Louisiana, Maine, Michigan, Minnesota, mississippi, Missouri, Montana, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Vermont, Washington and Wisconsin.

The DUI process can be extremely confusing and frustrating, especially for first time DUI offenders. The more informed you are from the start of the DUI process, by learning your states DUI laws and specifically what parts of the law pertain to you in your situation, the better off you will be in the end.

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