DUI School - What is a DUI School?

If you’ve been convicted of a DUI, you may have been sentenced to attend a state approved DUI school and complete their program as part of your sentencing. Not every state will call it DUI school, some states may call it an alcohol assessment, substance abuse treatment, alcohol & drug education, or something similar. The point is, no matter what state you live in, the programs will be similar in nature.

What is DUI school?  A DUI school is usually a program offered by a local agency to help educate you about the effects of drinking and driving.  Overall, a DUI school aims to help keep the general public safe and help you learn to lower your risk for DUI in the future. Not every state calls these classes "DUI school", some states refer to them as alcohol assessment programs, alcohol treatment programs, alcohol education classes, etc.

How long will DUI school last?  The length of DUI school varies from state to state.  It can be as few as 10 hours or as many as 45 hours.  Usually DUI school is broken up into meetings that are once a week, making it easier to attend. 

What will I learn in DUI school?  DUI school is usually designed to give you information about substance abuse and misuse.  You’ll learn how to lower your risk for another problem in DUI school.  Many DUI school programs also work to help you lower or completely stop the frequency of alcohol use.  DUI school works to address problems you may have such as binge drinking and alcoholism.  You’ll be able to identify whether or not you have a serious alcohol problem in DUI school.

Will I get a grade in DUI school?  When you hear the name “DUI school” you probably conjure memories of high school.  DUI school is not really like that.  You’ll be evaluated based on your attendance and participation in the program.  As long as you are there, participate, and are substance free when you get there, you should be fine in DUI school.

What happens if I don’t complete DUI school?  Once you’ve been sentenced to DUI school by the judge presiding over your case, you’ll be given a specific amount of time to complete the program.  If you don’t complete the DUI school part of your sentence, you can lose your drivers’ license, or be denied license reinstatement until you complete the program.

Will I have to pay for DUI school?  In most cases you will be charged an enrollment fee for DUI school.  While you’ll be required by the state to attend the classes, usually private or non-profit companies actually provide the DUI school.  They will charge a fee for the program.  You’ll be responsible to cover the cost of the DUI school that you attend.

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