Non-Owner SR22 Insurance Quotes & Information


If you’ve been convicted of DUI or DWI, most states will require you to complete an SR22 filing with your state DMV office in order to continue driving after you get your driver's license back. Many people have the impression that you must actually own a vehicle in order to carry this type of coverage, but you can get what's called non owner SR22 insurance filing if you don’t actually own your own car.

What is Non-Owner SR22 Insurance ?

Non owner SR22 insurance is a policy that meets the government mandated requirements for DUI offenders. Non owner SR22 insurance will allow your driver's license to be reinstated and is specifically designed for people who don’t own their own vehicle, but need insurance to get their driving privileges reinstated.

How Can I Get Non-Owner SR22 Insurance ?

While the process of obtaining non owner SR22 insurance intimidates many people, the process is relatively simple. You’ll need to contact several insurance agencies to see if they provide non owner SR22 insurance, or you can go to a specialty SR22 insurance broker who will check with all the reputable companies offering this type of insurance on your behalf.  This will save you a lot of time and frustration by not having to go get quoted from each individual company on your own. We are a specialty broker and can provide you with multiple quotes on your non-owner needs from insurers in your area.

How Do I Prove That I Have Non-Owner SR22 Insurance ?

Once you’ve purchased a non owner SR22 insurance policy, your insurance company will fill out the appropriate state required SR22 form for you.  They will either give the form to you to file with the DMV or they will file it for you, make sure to ask so that you ensure the non owner SR22 form actually gets filed.  Some companies offer same day SR22 filing.

How Long Will I Have To Have Non-Owner SR22 Insurance ?

Most people have to carry SR22 insurance for three (3) years from the date their driving privileges were reinstated. If you don’t own a vehicle, you’ll be required to carry non owner SR22 insurance for that same length of time.

What Happens if There's a Lapse in my Non-Owner SR22 Insurance ?

If there’s a lapse in your non owner SR22 insurance, your insurance company will notify the appropriate state authority because it's required that they do so as a condition of the actual SR22 form that they sign when they grant you coverage.  If this happens, you’ll then be sent a letter letting you know that your drivers license has been suspended due to a lapse in your SR22 coverage.  In this instance you'll have to reinstate your coverage with the insurance company and then re-file the SR22 form